Case Study


The best products are built with the best talent using well-defined processes. A process that allows for innovation and flexibility with clear expectations and goals is the first step towards a better product and improved user experience.
Project Details

Client: CNN

Brands: CNN Digital, Core News

Platform: Web, Mobile App, OTT

The first step in creating a new or improved experience is understanding your users. Both as individuals through direct and indirect conversations, and as a group with robust data and consumer insights. If you don't understand your users, you won't be able to solve their problems. With that understanding you can begin to craft and test solutions, starting with lightweight tests on a small audience, to instrumented live testing with subsets of your users.
As you discover solutions, you can begin to build the design system infrastructure to consistently and easily deliver new products and features, and the analytics needed to track performance and provide the key reporting to understand if you've hit your objectives.

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