Case Study


I was Art Director for Core & Client Products when AOL was at its peak. The Core & Client group included the AOL client software found on millions of CDs in cereal boxes and magazines, and welcomed millions of members with "You've Got Mail". I was also responsible for a broad swath of products including AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), The AOL Welcome Screen, AOL Search, AOL Help and Member Services, You've Got Pictures, and many more.
Project Details

Client: AOL

Brands: Client Software & Core Products

Platform: Windows, Mac, Web

I helped lead the direction of some of AOL's highest revenue generating products including the Welcome Screen, AOL Search, Pictures and more. Improvements to usability and the addition of new features increased revenue dramatically on these products and my role of working across multiple business units allowed for opportunities to facilitate greater cooperation between organizations.
I also maintained the online style guides, worked with management to define company-wide processes, and was part of a small team defining and prototyping the next generation of the user experience. My unusually broad skillset also meant stepping in on unusual projects ranging from designing an AOL Client for the original PlayStation, to Flash and 3D, to an AOL branded digital camera body, to print design for AOL Books and Software.

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