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If we thus see that even such numbers of two hundred and ninety-nine cases will not always suffice, we may now ask the question, Bow great must 4 Week Acai Berry Diet he the number of cases treated if we want to be sure of Acai Berry Trees For Sale our result within one per cent. ? Here we must return to our equation *\ I his we may write •Id (n — d)' As (/must always be Which Acai Berry Product Is The Best For Weight Loss smaller than re, we may put d. w here a signifies a fraction. ] -/, or 2 I c,l -a) 2 a (1 — a) from which we conclude that for Super Acai Berry 1200 the same 8 the value of ■■ will be the largerthe more a (1 —a) approaches to its high- Feb. 1. 1896.] ASHTON: FIBROID TUMORS OF THE UTERUS. 14.". est value, which is 4- ; i. e., the nearer the mortality ap- proaches fifty per cent, (a = I). And we further see that as a (1 — Best Acai Berry Product a) decreases in value the nearer a recedes from Which Acai Berry Product Is The Best 1 to zero or one, therefore for the same 8 or limit the number of cases n need be smaller the more the death-rate Acai Berry Thin Uk ap- proaches or one hundred per cent. Lei as show that by an example. We know that A = 3 gives us practically certainty, and therefore we will put in our last equation A = 3. Making further 8 = 1 ,', , 7 , as we want to be Acai Berry Scams Uk sure within one percent., we obtain 180,000 a (1 — a) = n. If now we put Purchase Acai Berry Power 500 a = ?,. we u'et « = 45,000; or, in other words, if we want to be sure that by a death-rate approaching fifty per cent. > air result is correct within one per cent., we have to treat the enormous number of Acai Berry Free Trial Uk almost forty-five thousand cases. If the death-rate is higher, we have need of a smaller number of cases. For example, if the death rat.- was se"i enty-five per cent., which means a = f , we have 180,000X3 ,,,.„ p ,. tll , ... , = 7i = Acai Berry Weight Loss Scam 33, /o0. Jjut if the mortality was onn 10 • twenty-five per cent, we should Acai Berry Seeds For Sale have a = J 100 Pure Acai Berry Capsules and should also get n = 33,750. This means that in either case, whether the death rate was seventy-five or twenty-five per cent., we should have What Is The Best Acai Berry Product For Weight Loss to observe about 3:',, 750 cases in order to be sure that our result later on would not vary more than one per cent, from twenty-five or Top Rated Acai Berry Products seventy-five percent. In a death rate of five per cent, or ninety-five per cent, we should find a = Try Acai Berry Free 8.550, which shows that in a first mortality of five t. or ninety-five per cent, we should have to studj 8,550 cases if we wanted Natural Acai Berry Diet to be certain that the death-rate, five or ninety-five per cent., would not vary more than one percent, from it in the next 8.550 cases. In the same sense we should have to treat 1,7*2 cases in a mortality of one or ninety-nine per cent. This clearly demonstrates ho Buy Acai Berry Power 500 aber of cases has to be if one desires to be alts. Of course, if one is content with a smaller degree of accuracy — for example, if one wants a probability 153 — we have to make A = 2 in our formula-. \\ e find, then, that the numbei for this degree of probability are a I. out half of those given before — i. <■.. about 22,0 :ascs foi fiftj per cent., about I 1,000 for twenty- ti vi- or seventy-five per cent., aboul 1,000 for fiv ■ ninety- ' cent., and about 800 for one nine per cent mortality. These are still very large numbers, which Jre can reduce still more if we only care to be a within five per What Is The Best Acai Berry Product cent.— for example, if we onhj wanl to I sure thai a death-rate of, say, ten per cent, shall I" within fire and fifteen percent. Wei i number I = -, ;";„. whirl, g ii , ty of fifty per cent., abou f..r on.- ..f twenty-five or seventy-five per cent., and only •'• u cases for a death-rate of i 1

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