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i ■, ;■ i he 1 iih inst., I »r. Eugem Fuller will report a case of Nephrectomy Secondary to Nephrotomy, and Dr. L. Bolton Bangs w r Floxin Ophthalmic ill read a paper entitled Some Acute and Chronic Conditions of the Prostate Gland. Cases and new instruments will be presented. At the next meeting of the Section in Paediatrics, on Thursday evening, the 13th inst., Dr. Henry Koplik will read a paper on Retropharyngeal Abscess. There will also be a presentation of patients. Sanguinal.— Dr. Otto Dornbluth, a Rostock neurologist, contributes to the Deutscht Medizi-nal-Zeitung for January 16th an article in which he gives his experience with a Buy Cheap Floxin preparation called sanguinal, made by a Cologne firm of apothecaries, who saj that it is composed of forty-six per cent, of the salts normally found in the blood, forty-four per cent, of muscle albumin, and ten per cent, of haemoglobin, and therefore cor- responds almost perfectly to normal blood in composition. The author says that he has not lost confidence in the old in- organic preparations of Generic Floxin iron: on the contrary, he says, in man\ eases they will accomplish more good than the thou- sands of organic iron compounds that have during the last few years been vaunted Floxin Eye Drops as their superiors. Nevertheless, he often observes eases of debilitated persons with nervous symptoms manifestly due to a defective constitution of the blood in which the preparations of iron fail altogether or at least do far less good than in chlorosis. In such cases the use of quinine in small doses, a third of a grain three times a day, in Order Floxin Online conjunction with the iron, does some good; regula- Floxin Otic Drops tion of the diet does not help much in most instances, for very often the appetite has been destroyed; and nothing but a mild course of hydrotherapy, such as, unfortunately, is not at the command of physicians in general, is of particular benefit. Under such circumstances one can not resist the thought that the blood defect present must he something different from the simple lack of iron that is at the bottom of chlorosis. At all events, in view of the difficulty of chemical examinations of the blood, Dr. Dornbluth resolved upon a systematic course of therapeutical experiments, and it hap- pened that sanguinal was among the first of the preparations with which he experimented. In many cases its effects were Purchase Floxin Online surprising; in numerous cases, ranging from the slightest nervousness up to the severest forms of neurasthenia, in which the previous use of all Buy Floxin Online sorts of preparations of iron had been unavailing, the use of sanguinal speedily brought about an improved condition, manifested by a blooming appearance, a decided feeling of well-being, and a good appetite. The dose of sanguinal is given as three pills, three times a day, Floxin Otic Ear Drops . taken before meals. The author does not state how much sanguinal each pill contains, so it may he pre- sumed that the drug is in the German market in the form of pills of a certain weight. Journalistic Boasting.— There arc wn tYu influential medical journals that ever indulge in Floxin Tablets the vulgarity of boasting] of their circulation. The British Medical J.>Floxin Otic Suspension As a result our circulation is the largest purely medi- Floxin Price cal circulation in the world where the subscribers expect to get nothing whatever in return for their money sai paper, while our opinions are everywhere quoted because they are known to be duly weighed and sincerely held, and our high price doe, Purchase Floxin nor enable our younger rivals to detach subscribers from as. But this ive hope that they will con- tinue to attempt, for healthy rivalrj is good for all of as and noi-! result in the giving to the profession the best that jour- nalism can do. Hut thej should Cipro Floxin make their attempt by legiti- mate methods; not by false insinuations or incorrect state- ments, but bj producing a better paper than the Lancet, one Aqua Floxin giving Floxin Antibiotics a more comprehensive review of Order Floxin matters of medical interest, and one more resolute to see that the ntedical man i i \ u hero, whatever his position or his plight." In the British \[edical Journal for January L8th we find the following : "Mr. 11. C. Burdett, the editor Floxin Ear Drops of the ll"*j>it,il. writes to -ay that the circulation of the Hospital (if thai is to be Floxin Online counted as a medical journal, and we must state that we had not

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